Running Clothing

The Proper Running Clothing for Beginners

Running is very beneficial to the body. It trains your endurance especially when you are running long distances and then back home with proper breathing techniques to improve it further. It also helps tone the body with proper running movement. But even if running is a very basic physical activity, you should still have proper protection for the weather and other environment factors. Proper running clothing should be observed to enable a truly beneficial and effective training.

One of the top mistakes that a runner does is the wrong type of running clothing. If you are new and are wondering what running clothing is appropriate, then here are some factors that you should consider.

The Weather

First, you should know that it is a total lack of common sense to run/jog when it is raining or snowing or your state is in extreme weather conditions. Only consider to run when it is sunny or even if it is a bit cold outside but not raining or snowing. Having the right type of running clothing will protect you from getting heat-related and cold-weather-related illnesses.

Choose the right type of fabrics for running. If you decide to run professionally you should consider using technical fabrics such as, Thinsulate, DryFit, CoolMax, Thermax, Silk, or Polypropelene. These fabrics are designed to keep your body dry by keeping the sweat off of your body. Don’t wear cotton anything (shirts or pants) as these will keep you wet once you get wet with sweat that is uncomfortable in warm weather, and dangerous in cold weather. Beginners on the other hand will be fine with a shirt and shorts.

Women should also consider using a sports bra. Running clothing should include a well-made and supporting sports bra that fit properly and don’t easily stretch. But for hygienic and technical purposes, sports bras should be replaced after 72 washes, if it became too large for a comfort fit, or if its elasticity is lost.

Runners also tend to over dress when the weather is cold. One tip to avoid doing this is to add current temperature with 15-20 degrees F and dress accordingly to make sure that you still sweat while running. When the weather is warm, always choose light-colored and loose clothes.

Running Shoes

Shoes are also a part of your running clothing. One of the major causes of running injuries is wearing old and out grown shoes that don’t give as much comfort and utility as they once had. If possible, you should buy new running shoes when your old shoes don’t fit you or don’t provide as much padding needed for your run. Determine your exact foot size and type and ask for shoes that matches them. You should also go to running-specialty stores and let experts help you in determining your foot style and type of run. They will then get you shoes that perfectly matches the said categories for a more comfortable and beneficial run. You don’t need overly expensive running shoes, but you should invest in a good pair of running shoes if you decide to add running on your regular workout list. Always invest in proper running clothing as they will serve as your protection for injuries and illnesses.